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Restaurant POS Systems with Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Protopos provides comprehensive restaurant and food service outlet point-of-sale (POS), enterprise and consumer faced solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. Our modular restaurant enterprise solutions can easily be expanded as required, and can fit the demands of quick-service, fast casual, and full-service restaurants, as well as catering, and bars and nightclubs.

Full Service
You’ve tailored your restaurant to the tee to provide a comprehensive dining experience for your guest. Vitabyte offers a suite of products that cater to the technology needs and expectations of both independent and enterprise full service restaurant operations.

Quick Service
Consumers expect more than just fast service from quick service restaurants. Streamline your operations from the top, down with point-of-service, enterprise, and hardware solutions.

Independent and Small Chain Operations
We cater to business of all sizes. If you’re an independent or small chain based restaurant or food service operation, Vitabyte has the perfect solution to fit into your business scheme.

Bars and Nightclubs
You mainly serve (non)alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption onsite and provide a fun, entertaining atmosphere to your guests. Vitabyte has innovative solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

ProtoPos apply big business knowledge and experience to a small business owner’s unique needs. From providing short-term small business advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, a consultant can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best.

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